Advanced Energy Technology Initiative (AETI) Leadership
  • Robert J. Finley, AETI Director, ISGS
  • Sallie Greenberg, AETI Assistant Director, ISGS

DOE Project Manager
  • Darin Damiani, Project Manager, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Administrative Support
  • Kathleen Atchley, AETI, STEP Coordinator
  • Alice Bernard, AETI, Project Coordinator
  • LaDonna Pearl, AETI, Office Administrator
  • Torie Strole, Contract Accounting, ISGS

Indiana Geological Survey
  • John Rupp, Subsurface Geology, IGS

Kentucky Geological Survey
  • David Harris, Energy & Minerals, KGS

AETI and Illinois State Geological Survey Technical Staff
  • Robert A. Bauer, Principal Engineering Geologist
  • Peter Berger, Assistant Geochemist
  • Curt Blakely, Assistant Geologist
  • Daniel L. Byers, AETI, Media & Information Technology Administrator
  • Jonathan Cox, AETI, Media Specialist
  • James Damico, AETI, Assistant Geologist
  • Seyed Dastgheib, AETI, Chemical/Environmental Engineer
  • Scott Elrick, Associate Geologist
  • Scott Frailey, AETI, Senior reservoir Engineer
  • Jared Freiburg, AETI, Assistant Geologist
  • Damon Garner, AETI, Associate Project Database Programmer
  • Nathan Grigsby, AETI, Visiting Research Scholar
  • Bryan Huff, Geologist
  • Abbas Iranmanesh, Supportive Geologist
  • Daniel Klen, AETI, Assistant Scientific Editor
  • Christopher Korose, Associate Geologist
  • Ivan Krapac, Geochemistry
  • Timothy Larson, Senior Geophysicist
  • Hannes Leetaru, AETI, Senior Petroleum Geologist
  • Randy Locke, Environmental Geochemist
  • Hong Lu, AETI, Chemical Research Engineer
  • Yongqi Lu, AETI, Chemical Engineer
  • Donald Luman, 3D Mapping Programs
  • Edward Mehnert, Senior Geohydrologist
  • Charles Monson, AETI, Assistant Project Coordinator
  • Roland Okwen, AETI, Reservoir Engineer
  • Chris Patterson, Visiting Research Specialist
  • Massoud Rostam-Abadi, Principal Chemical Engineer
  • David Ruhter, AETI, Research Specialist
  • Derek Sompong, AETI, Information Technology Specialist
  • David Ussiri, Associate Environmental Geochemist
  • Pius Weibel, Senior Geologist
  • Bracken Wimmer, Supportive Geologist
  • Yaning Yang, AETI, Post Doctoral Research Associate
  • Xinhua Ye, AETI, Chemical Engineer
  • Lois Yoksoulian, Post Doctoral Research Associate
  • Timothy Young, Associate Geologist
  • Shihan Zhang, AETI, Post Doctoral Research Associate

Midwest Geological Sequestration Consortium
Midwest Geological Sequestration Consortium
Advanced Energy
Technology Initiative

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