Survey Partners

While it bears the name of a single state, the Illinois Basin actually runs beneath Illinois, southwestern Indiana and western Kentucky, making the participation of the following surveys essential to our task.

Illinois State Geographical Survey
Founded in 1905, the Illinois State Geological Survey (ISGS) provides the citizens and institutions of Illinois with earth science research and information that are accurate, objective, and relevant to the state's environmental quality, economic prosperity and public safety. ISGS is one of five scientific surveys affiliated with the University of Illinois and headquartered on its campus in Urbana-Champaign. Together, they form a unique group of scientific experts in the earth, environmental and biological sciences that is unmatched in the nation. These agencies carry out objective, high-quality, multi-disciplinary scientific studies in service to all the people of Illinois. For more information, visit

Indiana Geological Survey
The mission of the Indiana Geological Survey, founded in 1837, is to provide geologic information and counsel that contribute to the wise stewardship of the energy, mineral and water resources of the state. The health, safety and welfare of Indiana's citizenry have benefited through a combination of Indiana Geological Survey activities. These activities fulfill an important part of the public service mission of Indiana University by addressing Indiana's need for the timely evaluation of its geological resources and hazards in light of complex and evolving economic and societal needs. For more information, visit

Kentucky Geological Survey
The mission of the Kentucky Geological Survey is to provide scientifically based information on Kentucky's geology and mineral and water resources to citizens, researchers, industry and government agencies. KGS conducts research, collects data and serves as the State's official archive for data on petroleum, coal, minerals, ground water and topographic and geologic maps. A diverse research program is supported principally by grants from federal and state agencies and industry. For more information, visit

Midwest Geological Sequestration Consortium
Midwest Geological Sequestration Consortium
Advanced Energy
Technology Initiative

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