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September 2014 PAG Presentations

September 2013 PAG Presentations

Phase II — Geological Sequestration Pilot Studies

MGSC Final Phase II Report - March 30, 2012 (551 KB)

MGSC Enhanced Oil Recovery: Mumford Hills Oil Field report - August 2012 (24.1 MB PDF)

MGSC Enhanced Oil Recovery: Sugar Creek Oil Field report - August 2012 (41 MB PDF)

MGSC Enhnaced Coalbed Methane: Tanquary Farms report - January 2012 (23 MB PDF)

MGSC Enhanced Oil Recovery "Huff n' Puff" Loudon report - February 2010 (12.3 MB PDF)

Inventory of Industrial Stationary CO2 Emissions in the Illinois Basin - August 2007 (428 KB PDF)

Evaluation of CO2 Capture Options from Ethanol Plants by Trimeric Corporation - October 2006 (663 KB PDF)

Phase I — Characterazation of Geologic Sequestration in Illinois Basin

Phase I Final Report - April 2006 (174 MB PDF) (Note - this is a VERY large file)

Assess CO2 Transportation Options in the Illinois Basin - April 2006 (47.2 MB PDF)

Assess CO2 Capture Options for Illinois Basin CO2 Sources - April 2006 (25.3 MB PDF)

Additional published articles

Circular 583. A Depositional and Diagenetic Characterization of the Mt. Simon Sandstone at the Illinois Basin - Decatur Project Carbon Capture and Storage Site, Decatur, Illinois, USA Jared T. Freiburg, David G. Morse, Hannes E. Leetaru, Riley P. Hoss, and Qina Yan 2014. 59 pp. and 3 digital appendices. Purchase the circular for $15.00 at the ISGS bookstore at:

Reservoir Uncertainty, Precambrian Topography, and Carbon Sequestration in the Mt. Simon Sandstone, Illinois Basin - from Environmental Geosciences, V. 16, No. 4, December 2009 (1.7 MB PDF)

For additional sequestration articles in Environmental Geosciences, V. 16, No. 4, December 2009, visit the MRCSP Web site at

This article (or These articles) are available for purchase in their original printed form from, under the title Environmental Geosciences: Geologic Carbon Sequestration Set, Item #: 1057, at the price for AAPG Members of $16 and for Non-AAPG Members of $30.

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